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We Provide in-house Security coverage to the various Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Industrial Units, Hotels, Call Centres, Residences, Marriage parties, Social events ,Concerts,   Grocery Stores ,Jewellery Shops ,Garment  Showrooms etc.

Health security is a Important aspect of SAS ’s work profile . It offers 24*7 services to the health sector Customers including Hospitals & Pharmaceutical companies. In Hospitals, our main aim is to be alert during emergency cases comes to hospital Herein, our guards help the patients go through the entire process of registration and to make them comfortable as we have emotionally expert Guards who know how to treat patients and their families While in pharmaceutical companies the production process is very crucial and our security personnel is needed to follow strict norms and have to maintain Data, for these purpose We have educated Guards as per Requirements

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Nuro Care Trama Center


maxfort Hospital

Developing a safe and secure environment for residential property is the responsibility of SAS’s Team. When we think to live anywhere First thing that always comes in mind is Residential Security, We are here to ensure foolproof security and safety for yourself, your loved ones and staff. SAS’s home security services are just one phone call away–featuring fully insured, affordable, licensed and trained security guards.

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Habib Gardens

B.R. Gardens

  • Our Industrial Security guards can be mobile or stationary, armed or unarmed. Through recognition of who is authorized to be on the property and by making it known that there is a security presence, SAS Security and Services will greatly reduce your risk of threat.

Industrial Security services include:

  • Visitor and vehicle access control
  • Guest or client escort service
  • Grounds patrolling
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Stationary security posts

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Ankit Enterprises

Every Special events are for the purpose of bringing people together. Whether it’s a Marriages , concert, festival , the occasion is sure to draw a diverse and energetic crowd that requires High control in order to protect from theft and violence.

SAS ‘s well Trained event security guards can patrol in uniform or civilian clothing with or without Arms Guards are Available Few Hous to 24 hours and for Multi  Days also .

Events  Security services include:

  • Vehicle, foot and bike patrol
  • Event access authorization
  • Bag checks
  • Crowd management
  • Parking control and security
  • VIP escorting

Furthermore, We are working together to make the event a safe and fun experience for every visitor.

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Guards at Schools Plays an important role, as they protect school property as well students also our SAS ’s well trained guard will help to reduce crime in schools , and to stop fights between students and can keep an eye on negative elements.

Now a days One of the greatest risk in the retail industry is theft. Be it shoplifting, break-ins or muggings, these types of risks not only threaten customers and employees but the business’s bottom line. So Now, the task of securing your retail operation is becoming more and more challenging.

SAS’s retail security guards will help store owners and managers increase sales by creating a safe environment that attracts Customers Our retail security guards will monitor your business via foot, bicycle.

Retail Security Gaurd  Will Include:

  • Customer service
  • Parking lot patrol
  • Crowd control
  • Loss prevention
  • Alarm response
  • Theft suspect detainment

This category Include

  • Mall Security
  • Grocery Store
  • Security Restaurants
  • Security  Garments
  • Shop Security
  • Parking Lot Security

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